Davistown RSL Club participates in the ClubGRANTS program. The ClubGRANTS program makes a real difference to the community via its many contributions to community groups, charities and sports organisations, and also providing assistance to specific community development and support projects.

Funding is available under three separate categories:

Category 1: Supports community welfare and social services; community development; employment assistance activities; community health services; and projects aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.
Category 2: Provides funding for general community development and support activities, such as junior sport.  
Category 3: Is a state-wide fund that supports large-scale community infrastructure projects. Grants are available for sport, emergency and disaster relief, and arts and culture infrastructure.    


Each year Davistown RSL Club provides grants to support local community groups and organisations. In 2017, this amounted to over $140,000 in Category 1 and Category 2 donations to the groups and organisations listed below.

Club Grants 2017

Club Grants 2017

How to Apply for Category 1 Grants

Category 1 Funding – Community groups are able to apply through their Local Council Committees for  Category 1 funding for the purpose of covering expenditure for specific community welfare and social services, community
development, community health services and employment assistance activities.

Applications for 2018 Category 1 grants are now open and will close Monday 30 April 2018. To apply, please click here.



How to Apply for Category 2 Grants

Category 2 Funding – Requests must be made in writing to the Board of Directors of Davistown RSL Club. In your application please include:

  • Details on the event or cause
  • Specific details on how the Club can support the event or cause
  • How the request will benefit the local community
  • How the partnership will benefit Davistown RSL Club

Requests should be addressed to:

The Board of Directors
Davistown RSL Club
19 Murna Road
Davistown NSW 2251

Applications for 2018 Category 2 applications will open again in May 2018.


Guidelines for Category 1 & 2 Grants

A copy of the guidelines can be found here.  Please carefully read the ClubGRANTS Guidelines to determine whether your project is eligible for funding and to take note of the reporting obligations for funding recipients.