Café Davo

The perfect place to grab a quick bite

Pop in for a delightful treat at Café Davo

The perfect place to grab a quick bite or to unwind and take in the impressive views over Brisbane Water.

With a great variety of tea and coffee, plus a gourmet selection of light meals and sweets, there is no wonder why Café Davo is so popular! Be sure to ask about our homemade scones, baked fresh daily.

Whether it’s lunch or an evening snack, Café Davo is perfect any time of the day. Sit out on the deck overlooking the pristine Brisbane Waters or inside, along the windows and enjoy the modern and bright atmosphere. Family get-togethers or catching up with friends is easy at The Davo.

Café Davo opens 11am daily until close

Please see our cake display for Assorted cakes and slices served with cream from (M) $3  (V) $3.30 

Coffee, tea & shakes



Cappuccino, flat white or cafe latte (M) $4 (V) $4.50

Espresso or Macchiato (M) $3.90 (V) $4.20

Mocha                              (M) $4.50 (V) $5.00

Long black                     (M) $3.90 (V) $4.20

Chai Latte                       (M) $4.20 (V) $4.70

Mug (extra)(M) $0.40 (V) $0.40

Decaf / double shot / soy milk (extra)(M) $0.60 (V) $0.60

Coffee flavoured syrup (extra)(M) $0.30 (V) $0.30

Almond milk (extra)      (M) $1.00 (V) $1.00


Specialty tea                 (M) $4.00 (V) $4.50

Specialty pot                  (M) $5.50 (V) $6.00

Hot chocolate (M) $4.10 (V) $4.60

Soy Milk (Extra) (M) $0.60 (V) $0.60

Almond Milk (Extra)      (M) $1.00 (V) $1.00

Milkshakes                      (M) $5.00 (V) $5.50

Chocolate, strawberry, banana, caramel, lime, vanilla, coffee

Kids milkshakes            (M) $3.50 (V) $4.00

Thick shakes                  (M) $6.00 (V) $6.50

Soy milk (Extra)              (M) $1.40 (V) $1.40

Almond Milk (Extra)      (M) $1.80 (V) $1.80

Malt (Extra) (M) $0.50 (V) $0.50